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The Walking Dead: Michonne trailer reflects on the nature of murder

The Walking Dead: Michonne

“Taking someone's life,” the sword-slinging death merchant Michonne intones at the beginning of the new trailer for The Walking Dead: Michonne, as she stabs one man in the back, another in the eye, and spikes the hand of a third into a table. “That changes you forever.”

As a poetic reflection on the dirty business of murder, it's not quite up there with the immortal, “It's a hell of a thing, killing a man.” But the coda about learning the difference between innocence and guilt gives it a little more relevance and resonance within the context of the game, which—as is Telltale's thing—is all about making choices. Even if that choice is sometimes just a portentous, stony stare.

The second episode of the three-part The Walking Dead: Michonne will be out on March 29, which as it happens is tomorrow. Find out what we thought about the first part here.

Andy Chalk
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