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The PC Gamer Show: Elite aliens, PC hardware innovations, and audience Q&A

Welcome back to The PC Gamer Show, our weekly livestreamed podcast. You can catch the show live on Wednesdays at 1 pm PDT on our Twitch channel, or after the fact at any of the links below. 

This week we talk about the many games that've come out recently or are imminent, including Total War: Warhammer 2, Heat Signature, Project Cars 2, Hob, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Ruiner, and more. We'll also dig into some hardware talk with Maximum PC editor Tuan Nguyen, and leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

This week's topics:

  1. A lot of games sure have released recently
  2. Invasion of the Thargoids in Elite: Dangerous!
  3. ...and the modern use of mystery in games
  4. High-res VR
  5. GPUs replacing CPUs?!
  6. Your questions, our answers


Your flapping heads for this episode:

Evan Lahti

Bo Moore

Tuan Nguyen

The awesome images we use for the show were made for us in Source Filmmaker by Ness "Uberchain" Delacroix. You can find her DeviantArt page here and her Patreon page here.  

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