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The new Minecraft snapshot has cave vines, glow berries and drip leaves

Minecraft glow berries
(Image credit: Mojang)
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The latest in Mojang's Caves & Cliffs snapshots for Minecraft is out, and it's good news for players who like stuff to glow. Last month we got glowing squids, now we get glowing berries, which grow from cave vines. Not only do these babies glow, but you can eat them too, making for a very versatile delicacy.

Overall, this snapshot demonstrates just how much cooler spelunking is going to be upon Caves & Cliffs' final rollout. The combination of cave vines and glow berries will result in some nice little subterranean gardens, as will the new decorative blocks in the form of hanging roots and rooted dirt. There's also moss and spore blossom, as well as Azalea bushes that can grow from moss blocks once bone meal is added. These bushes can flower, too.

In keeping with the dank underground theme, dripleaf has been added: you'll find it growing on clay or underwater. You can stand on the bigger variants of these, but only for a while, as they'll start to tilt.

They're the biggest additions—you can read the changelog here. To enable snapshots, activate them  from the "Installations" menu in the Java Edition launcher. The full Caves & Cliffs update is expected to release some time mid-year, and to see what else is happening and what will happen in 2021 check out the state of Minecraft.

Shaun Prescott
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