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The Black Death is a grim survival game set in medieval times

The Black Death

The Black Death is a medieval survival MMO, and as you might expect it's quite a grim one at that. Case in point: one of the classes is named 'Peasant'. Peasants are good at agriculture and foraging, not so much at the old killing, and like the other classes they'll try to survive against the pox-ridden bubonic backdrop of medieval times.

The latest trailer shows the Peasant's humbly miserable existence in action:

And here's a brief overview of the game, from the Steam page:

"The Black Death is a massively multiplayer survival game that allows you to choose your own path in this dark, medieval land, complete with a diverse population of villagers, wildlife, and plague victims. Create your own story from a range of different play styles - become a blacksmith; defend the weak as a knight; or earn your living as a merchant. The wealthier, the richer, the stronger you become, the better your chance of survival."

Basically: right up my street.

Because survival game, The Black Death will of course emerge via Steam Early Access, on March 15. That gives you more than enough time to track down and watch all four series of Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, to prepare yourself for muddy peasant life.

Ta, PCGamesN.