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Telltale is working with 'multiple potential partners' to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season

By all appearances, the closure of Telltale Games meant the end of the incomplete The Walking Dead: The Final Season. There was some faint hope among fans that the studio would be able to finish it, but Clementine voice actor Melissa Hutchison and designers Emily Grace Buck and Michael Kirkbride both strongly suggested that it wouldn't happen.   

In a tweet released ahead of tomorrow's launch of TWD: The Final Episode chapter 2, however, Telltale suggested that it might still happen. 

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That's a long way from carved in stone, but it's more than fans had to hang onto a few hours ago.   

It's not surprising that other studios would be interested in the property: The Walking Dead is Telltale's flagship series, and the studio's collapse has focused attention on it. It won't mitigate the damage wrought by Telltale's sudden shutdown, but if someone like Paradox or THQ Nordic can pick it up, maybe bring on some of the original development team (at least temporarily), and deliver the balance of The Final Season, it will at least bring closure to the series that really put Telltale on the map.

Andy Chalk
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