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Street Fighter V announced with inspirational teaser [Update]

Street Fighter 5

Update 2: Street Fighter V has been confirmed at the Playstation Experience (don't worry, it's coming to PC—in fact, there will be cross-platform play between PC and PS4). The trailer is back online, below. Capcom also revealed about a minute of in-game footage, which you'll find below too.

Update: An accidentally early publish, it seems, as the CapcomChannel video has now been removed. See below for a few choice screencaps of the teaser.

Original: There's not much to go on at this point, save a few brief facts:

1) Street Fighter V is happening.

2) Street Fighter V is happening, and has been confirmed as "exclusive" for PC and PS4.

Release date? Nope. Feature list? Nope. Anything else beyond those two facts, and a briefly available teaser celebrating the game's competitive spirit and community? Nope.

Street Fighter V1

Street Fighter V2

Grafitti or something

This skateboarding guy sort of made sense in context.

This skateboarding guy sort of made sense in context.
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