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Strange post-apocalyptic adventure Paradigm out next month

Paradigm is an adventure game in which you play as a mutant with a bulbous head, in a colourful, post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe. Other characters include a "genetically engineered sloth that vomits candy", and this glam-rock pug, oh god, this glam-rock pug:

The developers say they were inspired by Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Fallout, Gattaca, Dystopian literature, the Mighty Boosh and Flight of the Concords, but this wonderfully surreal universe looks like one of the more original worlds we'll get to explore this year.

A mutated, outcast child left to fend for himself in an abandoned town, protagonist Paradigm "dreams of becoming the best electronic music artist the world has ever seen! Unfortunately his past is set to catch up with him and he must reluctantly step up as the world’s saviour. When really he just wants to finish his latest EP". I know that feeling, chap.

It's the kind of out-there setting that will either be funny and fresh, or self-consciously wacky and a bit annoying (or maybe both!), but I'm impressed by what I've seen of the game so far. Paradigm will release on April 5, and we can tuck into a playable demo from the official site while we wait.