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Squad gets new modding tools and will soon be invaded by Canadians

Squad, the Early Access tactical FPS, has launched a new set of modding tools and, for those who don't want to tinker, it will soon get its first new faction since the Early Access launch. It's the lovely Canadians, or more specifically the Canadian Armed Forces, which actually started out as a mod. 

Now, Offworld Industries is calling this a free expansion, but seeing as the game is still very much in-development, it's really just an update. Not that DLC is unheard of for games still in Early Access, which is of course completely ridiculous.

The plan is to add more of the community's creations to the base game, but it's CAFMOD Team that gets to see their work in Squad first. When Offworld saw what they were working on, they offered to give them a hand, and with Modding 2.0 the studio hopes more modders will start working on ambitious projects. 

The Canadians bring with them new vehicles and weapons, along with a pair of chilly Canadian maps set in Quebec and Nanisivik. You'll be able to watch their livestream debut at 9 pm BST/1 pm PT on Twitch, where you can learn more details.  The Canadians will be arriving soon. 

With the new modding tools, modders will be able to overhaul the game and create stuff like Space Crew, a sci-fi survival thriller where you and your crew have to solve puzzles and avoid becoming dinner for a beastie known as the Raptor. It's a total conversion mod and you'll be able to take it for a spin later today via the Steam Workshop. In the meantime, check out the trailer.

Starting now, Squad's also hosting a free Steam weekend, so you'll be able to play with guns and mods until 9 pm BST/1 pm PT on Sunday. 

Fraser Brown
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