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Someone has remade the entirety of Terminator 2 in GTA 5 (Updated)

Update: At the request of his subscribers, Kramer's Media has since redubbed his Terminator 2 in GTA 5 video using the original English from the movie. You can now watch the full English version below.

Original story: A couple of years ago the internet was abuzz about a video depicting the chase scene from Terminator 2, remade in GTA 5. That was a very impressive feat, but now it's time to be even more impressed: someone has remade (almost) the entirety of Terminator 2 in GTA 5.

The work of Kramer's Media, the remake is entirely in Russian, but you don't need to understand that language to enjoy the video. I mean, we've all seen Terminator 2 dozens of times, right? 

The video, which is embedded below, wasn't achieved with GTA 5's vanilla assets, instead using a bunch of mods for various character and object models related to Terminator 2. The creator has clearly spent a lot of time working on this: YouTube has the feature snipped up into sections, presumably uploaded as they were finished. But the whole combined feature film embedded below was uploaded early last month.

I don't have Terminator 2 playing at my desk right now (if only I did), but the remake appears to mirror the cinematography of the original, and it's frankly uncanny how well the vanilla GTA 5 locations fit with the film's. Make a cup of tea and enjoy.

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