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Sniper Elite 4 trailer puts front man Karl Fairburne back in the hotseat

I hate to put a dampener on the festivities ahead of the holidays, but it seems this week is one for celebrating sniper-hungry assassins. Yesterday, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 released a drone-powered extended gameplay trailer, while today sees Sniper Elite 4 launching a new 'intel' video centred on series protagonist Karl Fairburne. 

Following on from its first story teaser earlier this month, this Fairburne-focussed preview examines the protagonist's skillset—a catalogue of traits the narrator explains makes him the "perfect SOE agent."

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There's not much tangible footage in there, however the following gameplay trailer which developer Rebellion teased back in September better showcases some of the above's moves in practice: 

In a bid to upstage yet another holiday, Sniper Elite 4 is due on Valentines Day—that's February 14 for all you non-romantics—next year.