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ShootMania STORM's Beta 2 trailer may break your speakers

Ubisoft have announced that the Beta 2 update to ShootMania storm will be coming soon. It'll add new map blocks, a surface-rebounding charge shot and extra movement options, like grappling hooks and wall jumps. They've also released a video to trail this second test phase.

First though, a warning. If you're planning to watch this at work, for god's sake turn off the speakers first. Their choice of music is... not subtle, and there's a high chance you'll look ridiculous.

Bloody hell! Ubisoft's own info is similarly excitable: "Create your own frag style with the new movements and game modes. Discover new maps of pure madness or create yours in few clicks with the ShootMania Storm map editor! For fun or competition, Storm will be out soon to bring you thrilling games!"

It does, admittedly, look agreeably fast and frantic.

Thanks, RPS .

Phil Savage
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