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Shadowrun Returns trailer explains magical cyberpunk fantasy and tactics

It took a little extra time for Shadowrun Returns to, well, return; with the original June release date ultimately missed. Then again, it's not like Kickstarter projects are renowned for their punctuality, especially when they generate over $1.8 million despite a $400,000 goal. It wasn't a long delay, though, and now the magical cyberpunk turn-based tactical RPG is due to arrive on Steam next week. And while we don't live in a reality where an orc can make a living as an Uzi-wielding Street Samurai, we do live in one where an imminent game release can be acknowledged through a trailer.

Shadowrun Returns is out on the 25th July, on Steam . Thanks to the delay, it's launching with editing tools , letting players knock up their own cyberfantasy scenarios.

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