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See Yakuza Kenzan running at 4K on PS3 emulator RPCS3

Back in July, Joe wrote about Yakuza Kenzan making progress via the open source PS3 emulator, RPCS3. Now, the game is apparently completely playable, running at a stable 30FPS during combat on even modest hardware. 

Above, you can check out the game running in 4K, courtesy of the emulator team's YouTube channel. While the environments show their age, the character models look pretty decent considering this is an ancient PS3 game. Yakuza Kenzan is one of the entries that got away from Western players—Sega has never localised the 2008 spin-off, along with another period-set Yakuza game, 2014's Ishin. 

I personally predict they'll change their minds one day, given the windfall of Yakuza games that have come to the West since the start of the current console generation. On PC, of course, Yakuza 0 was released earlier this year, and Yakuza Kiwami is still to come. 

As ever, it's worth reading up on the ethics of emulation in Wes's piece on the matter from 2017. If you want to play PlayStation games on your PC (not Kenzan, obviously) and have a good enough internet connection, Sony's PlayStation Now service is $100/£85 a year to access a bunch of games that never came to PC, like Bloodborne

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