Saints Row: The Third will get TF2 bobblehead masks, new trailer has Burt Reynolds

[VAMS id="C1g96EMIEesC6"]

A post on the official Saints Row: The Third site reveals that the PC version will come with exclusive character customisation options, including free, bonus "oversized bobblehead masks" of Team Fortress 2 characters. They haven't released any pictures of the new items yet, but if they're anything like the mental image I have of a giant, grinning Heavy mask, they'll be brilliant. The new trailer above unveils Burt Reynolds, too. Which is a bit of a spoiler, but if Burt Reynolds is in your game, it's hard not to shout about it. Saints Row looks great, and is only a couple of weeks away. It's out in the US on November 15 and on November 18 in Europe.