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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell trailer features angry armchair

Saint's Row: Gat Out Of Hell

I wonder if Gat Out of Hell's development process started with a whiteboard full of puns, and sprouted from that into the strange standalone Saints Row 4 expansion we see before us. In today's dev diary video there's a Rambulance—an ambulance that ... well, you can guess—a gun that fires a plague of locusts and an armchair with guns mounted on each armrests that supposedly represents the deadly sin of sloth. Not a bad silly-per-second ratio for a five minute tease.

It looks like an entertaining power trip very much in line with Saints Row 4's superpower-fuelled action. Hopefully it will be as funny, but I do miss SR3's sunshine after hours of the dark virtual reality city of Saints Row 4. Chris Norris-Jones played it for us, and you can read his thoughts here.

This is the first time we'll get to play as Johnny Gat, at least—the henched-up Commander Riker of the Saints Row universe. He's on a mission to rescue the boss from the clutches of Lucifer, which a good enough excuse to terrorise the denizens of hell with smouldering demon wings and an arsenal of absurd weaponry. It's out on January 27.

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