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Renegade-X is out next month, new trailer shows Command and Conquer based FPS action

I get told off by the community every time I suggest that C&C Renegade wasn't a good game. Let's try this instead: C&C Renegade was a heaping pile of shipped software that was technically unable to match its conceptual ambition, instead providing a shonky singleplayer experience, and a multiplayer mode that, despite being reasonably entertaining, was largely forgettable. There, that should keep people happy.

Before you run over to the comments to call me a blithering idiot, take a peek at this new video for Renegade X, the fan-made C&C shooter that is due to be released next month. Formerly a UT3 mod, it's now a standalone game that will be freely available to anyone seeking a tactical multiplayer fix.

As stated in the video, the game will be released on February 26th. Technically, it's being launched into open beta, with patches and balance tweaks due over the coming weeks and months. Still, based on what we've seen so far, it's already seeming like a competent and enjoyable take on the third/first-person base defence formula.

For more info, head over to the official Renegade-X forum, where you'll also find a link to Black Dawn: the already released single-player portion of the game.

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