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Push Me Pull You trailer shows local multiplayer fun (and horrifying worm-people)

The competitive local multiplayer scene is in a great place right now. Should you require a way to prove a very specific type of dominance, there are multiple, excellent options: Nidhogg , Towerfall Ascension , Samurai Gunn and Gang Beasts , to name four. Could Push Me Pull You wrestle its way into that list? Really that depends on how much you want to play as bizarre worm-people, grappling and grabbing for possession of a ball.

You really have to see it in action. Luckily, a trailer can make that happen.

My word, it's a sporting Noby Noby Boy .

The game's site further explains:

"Push Me Pull You is a 2v2 sports game where you and your partner control the two heads of a single elongated body. Coordinate to wrestle the other sports-monster for control of the ball."

It certainly looks the part: local multiplayer games are at their best when they're providing a clear goal in a visually distinct style. And the push and pull of Push Me Pull You almost ensures that you'll be trading insults as you lose possession only seconds away from filling your half.

Push Me Pull You is due out late this year.

Phil Savage
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