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Play and compete in For Honor at the PC Gamer Weekender

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The PC Gamer Weekender will be packed full of great upcoming games including Ubisoft's promising hack 'em up For Honor. This four-on-four multiplayer melee combat title will take its place as a part of our Tournament line-up, so you'll be able to demonstrate your skill with a blade in mortal combat against other attendees.

It was previously revealed that For Honor would be shown at the PC Gamer Weekender, so as well as seeing the game in action and learning a lot more about Ubi’s exciting multi-sword-discipline slasher, you’ll be able to play and test-drive For Honor's warriors first-hand. For Honor features fighters from a number of different historical soldier archetypes, including knights samurai and Vikings.

For Honor will sit alongside plenty of other attractions at the PC Gamer Weekender, which is being held February 18-19 at the Olympia, London, in the UK. For more details see the site, and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news. Tickets are available now from £12.99.

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