PC Gamer stream: watch us play DayZ

Edit: Apologies for the abrupt ending. We're making some changes to the stream set up, so in future we'll have less dead air if the streamer goes down. We'll be trying again with another run at 2pm.

Today, the PC Gamer team is taking a break from fighting words, to instead fight some zombies, bandits, and those oh-so-deadly ladders. We're playing DayZ today from 2pm until... well, until we die. It could be a short stream. Hopefully it won't be. You can track our progress, as we weave between towns, cities and military bases, by heading over to our Twitch channel , or just watching below.

Here's who's taking the trip:

Sam Roberts

Chris Thursten

Tom Senior

Andy Kelly

Ben Griffin

Phil Savage

Andy's taking POV on the main stream. For Chris' alternate perspective, head to his Twitch channel .