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Origin Omega is a gaming beast disguised as a home theater receiver

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Origin Omega

Custom build vendor Origin has unveiled its plans for taking over your living room. The Origin Omega is a high-end gaming-minded PC, built to look like a home-theater receiver.

Omega is the same design Origin made for Valve's Steam Machine initiative last year, but since SteamOS is still in the works, the company has moved forward with this Windows machine. The case can fit multiple high-end Nvidia GPUs via SLI support, has built in liquid-cooling and comes professionally overclocked out of the box. (There's also a smaller option, about one-third the size, for single-card builds.)

The machine supports 4K gaming, can dual-boot multiple operating systems, and comes with free lifetime 24/7 US based support. Pricing and availability is still TBD, but the Omega is planned to launch sometime in 2015.

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