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Nier: Automata has sold more than 4 million copies

Since it launched in 2017, Nier: Automata has sold more than 4 million physical and digital copies, which is quite a turnaround given that developer Platinum was on the ropes before 2B and 9S's misadventure made its way into players' hands. 

"It's fair to say it's keeping the lights on at Platinum" said designer Takahisa Taura in a video marking the occasion. 

Members of the team shared messages and art on the Platinum blog to celebrate. This piece from UI and concept artist Hisayoshi Kijima needs to be framed and put on my wall. 

"The two years since Nier: Automata was released have passed by in a flash," wrote producer Eijiro Nishimura, "and in those two years, we've hit four million sales. That's a new number in PlatinumGames' history for sure. It's all because of you fans out there who've continued to support us and Nier: Automata. I sincerely thank you!"

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