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How to build a Minecraft house

Minecraft house
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Knowing how to build a Minecraft house is one of the most integral skills you need to survive in this giant sandbox game - other than keeping your Minecraft Forge nice and tidy. A house is important because it gives you a base of operations, somewhere to take shelter from the game's many dangers, and somewhere to store the treasures you dig up or create. It also serves as a spawn point, crafting station, and, if you've got the skills, a monument to your building prowess.

How to build a Minecraft house

There are two main ways to build a house in Minecraft. The first is to construct a building out of the materials you can find around you; this is great if you want somewhere showy to live or you just love building. The downsides are that these tend to be more vulnerable to Creeper or other random monster attacks. 

The other way is to find a mountain or nice patch of ground, and simply dig into it before hollowing out an area. This can be tricky to find if you don't signpost it well, but it does allow you a bit more safety from random attacks. That's as long as you don't stumble into a monster den or cave system. 

It mostly comes down to which of the two fits your aesthetic more, but there are a few components that both types of homes share. We've made a note of those below. 

The essentials 

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Aside from the obvious things like walls, a roof, and flooring, you need to make sure your house has a few things to fit your needs properly. You need a bed, chests, crafting stations, and a lot of torches. 

The bed is the most important part: it allows you to not only sleep through scary thunderstorms, but also serves as a spawn point. Normally, if you die, you'll spawn at the world spawn point, so using a bed makes adventuring much easier. 

The chests are essential because you need to store materials, items, weapons, and treasures. You'll want a fair few of them by the end of a game, but one is usually enough to begin with. 

Then there are crafting stations: you can't improve your gear without them, so you need a crafting table and furnace to begin with. Then you can add  brewing stands and enchanting tables as you progress. 

Your last important homely touch is a torch, and plenty of them. You need torches to make your humble abode that little bit safer, because monsters mostly spawn in low-light levels. So, if you keep your environment well-lit, you reduce the chance of encountering bad things. Naturally you need these items inside the house itself, but it's a good idea to litter the surrounding area with torches or other light sources too. This makes the chances of a monster messing your stuff up far less likely. 

The Cavern House

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This is the simplest way to make a house, and it's little easier to expand when you require more space. Start by digging a stairway down into the ground, or tunnel into the side of a large hill or mountain. The latter is usually easier. 

Dig into the earth with a single block of width and two blocks of height. Do so until you are four or five blocks deep. Then you need to hollow the area in front of you. Dig to your left around four or five blocks, then do the same to the right. Next, make the area in front of you hollow to allow yourself lots of room. Then, simply place down your bed and other essentials, make sure it's all lit up by torches, and then get a nice door installed. 

One of the biggest advantages of this style of Minecraft house is that you can mine from within it. If you create a backdoor, then start to mine down into the ground, you can go mining without ever going outside. Just remember to keep that initial corridor lit up and use lots of doors and ladders to make it hard for monsters to invade. 

The standing house

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Making a normal house above ground takes a lot more work, but also looks a lot fancier. First of all, you need to pick the materials you want to use. Wood looks good, but cobblestone is sturdier. 

Next, level an area of around ten by ten blocks; this is your foundation. From there, build your walls at least four blocks high for a single floor. This is your basic shell. If you want windows, leave a couple of holes in the walls and fill them with glass or glass panes. 

If you'd prefer a more traditional roof, then you can use stairs to get that lovely sloped look. Then add in your bed, chests, and everything else, before lighting it up with torches. Consider adding some to the outside of the building and a large fenced area around your home for safety. Now your home should be all set. You can always change it if you find a material you prefer, or if you decide you need an extension. Both of these things are substantially cheaper than they are in real life, so go wild.