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Metro Exodus shows off its very loud, very customisable guns in a new trailer

Metro Exodus’ guns don’t look pretty, but it sure looks like they still pack a wallop. The end of the world means that nobody’s mass producing new firearms anymore, but as the latest Exodus trailer reveals, there are still plenty of weapons out there. Check it out above. 

The series has had weapon customisation since the first game, Metro 2033, but Exodus has expanded the system again. Old pre-apocalyptic guns are given new life through mods, in some cases creating entirely new weapons. Take a revolver, for instance, and stick a new stock, barrel and scope on it, and suddenly you’ve got a medium-range rifle. 

Expect a variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns that can be used as you find them or transformed into new or more effective tools of destruction. The Metro gunsmiths have also designed their own toys, special weapons like a silenced rifle and scrappy crossbow. 

While you wait for the February 15 launch, give Samuel’s Metro Exodus preview a read. 

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