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Max Payne meets Watership Down in free action-platformer Mayhem Triple

I've been warning people for years about the possibility, nay inevitability of Earth's extinction by a race of intergalactic bunnies, and now it's too late - unless Miguel 'Mig' Carter can put a stop to them. Dustin Gunn's Mayhem Triple has been been in development for ten years, and now that it's finished he's rather generously decided to release it for free. It's an action-heavy platform shooter with more bullets and bunny wabbits than a Hanna-Barbera short, and with added Max Payne-style swan dives and roly-polys. Grab the game hare , or stick around for the extraordinary launch trailer.

Here's the setup, if you need a reason to shoot scores of adorable bunny rabbits. "You play as Miguel 'Mig' Carter, a man of few means but great skill, who is rudely awakened by the apocalypse and is tasked with sorting it out. Thousands of rabbit-esque aliens are entering the Earth's atmosphere, and their numbers keep increasing by the hour." OK, I'm sold on bunnygeddon. You can witness it in action below.

Thanks, IndieGames .