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Kentucky Route Zero devs 'totally focussed on finishing Act 5' despite console edition announcement

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After teasing a string of weird art house videos earlier this year, Kentucky Route Zero unveiled its TV Edition last week—an "enhanced" console edition that's due alongside its fifth and final act. Cardboard Computer now wants to assure would be players that the console port will not stand in the way of Act 5's development. 

Having launched KRZ's first act in 2013, the series will conclude in "early 2018"—a steady-paced development arc that's upset some players, against the modest size of each chapter. To this end, the fact Act 5's launch on PC won't be compromised but its coinciding TV Edition is good news, then. 

"We’ll release [the TV Edition] at the same time as we update the PC version with Act 5, which we’re planning to do in the early part of 2018," says Cardboard Computer via a blog post. "There are some nice enhancements to the game that are coming as part of this TV Edition, and all of these will be ported back to the PC version also—the two versions are basically identical other than the platforms they run on. Wanted to make sure we were clear with you all about that!"

The developer explains that Nathan Gray from the console port's publisher, Annapurna, was one of the PC entry's first Kickstarter backers. Gray is in charge of the porting process so that Cardboard Computer can direct its attention on finishing Act 5. 

The post continues: "It’s important to us to be clear with you all about that as well—we’re totally focused on finishing Act 5! Working with Annapurna on this allows us to finish the game while console work happens in parallel."

Annapurna is also helping the developer localise KRZ in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. 

Kentucky Route Zero's fifth and final act is without a hard release date, however is expected in early 2018.