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Where to investigate mysterious claw marks in Fortnite

fortnite claw marks
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Looking for the Fortnite claw marks? Then you've stumbled into the right place, especially if you're on the hunt for the latest challenge-based skin. Yes, now that Fortnite Season 4 has arrived, we've got a list of separate objectives to tick off to add the Wolverine skin to our collection. It works just like the Deadpool and Aquaman tasks before it, so expect to get a Wolverine mission each week for a good chunk of the new season in return for some sharp new threads.

If you want to see all the changes we know about so far, check out our breakdown of the Fortnite Season 4 patch notes, but for now, we've got some suspicious marks to track down. It looks like Wolverine has got into a bit of an, err, scrape, and has left a series of Fortnite claw marks on the map. It's up to us to find out more. So, here's where to find the three your need.

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wolverine claw marks

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fortnite investigate claw marks

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fortnite mysterious claw marks

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Fortnite claw marks: Find three in Weeping Woods

There are many claw marks around the map, but you only need three. The simplest way to tick this off is by heading to Weeping Woods (just southwest of the centre of the map), where you can find all the marks you need in no time at all. 

Taking a look at the screenshots above, start your investigation at the wooden house on the north side of the forested area. The claw mark is on the west side below the decking, next to white AC units. Head southeast for the second one until you hit a pond in the centre of the clearing—the mark is on one of the rocks on the edge. Then, finally, keep on in the same southeastern direction. Pass the playground until you arrive at a parking lot full of RVs. Keep an eye out for the green one: It's got your third claw mark on the left side of the door.

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