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Hitman 3 gameplay trailer shows the offensive potential of sausages, flour, and feather dusters

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Io Interactive has released a new trailer for Hitman 3, the latest instalment in Agent 47's shank-'em-up adventures. This game is the final of the current Hitman series and, as well as your progress carrying over from Hitman 2, will include all of the content from both previous entries.

The trailer shows that, essentially, this is going to be much more of the same: which is perfect. We get a brief glimpse of 47's new camera device, which looks like a camera device. It also shows returning weapons and some new toys, including what seems to be a multi-shot sniper rifle, as well as some of the paths through a corporate HQ to assassinate a well-guarded CEO. 47 can among other things poison food, and arrange a face-to-face meeting with him (and his security).

An amusing vignette shows various things being thrown at a guard: there's a pipe, a wrench, hammer, shears, cleaver, an iron, a screwdriver, a pool ball, a sausage and finally, a bag of flour that impacts with a satisfying pouf of whiteness. We then see 47 beginning to beat someone with a feather duster.

Among other features Io boasts that this entry will be able to have up to 300 'active' NPCs in a given environment, and has previously said the way elusive targets work will be changed. The end of the trailer showing a chopper taking off seems to suggest this might mean you're on the clock to bag them in the level. Previously, as long as you played within the real-world time allocated for an elusive target, they'd just repeat their path through the level until killed. That's my interpretation of what we see here though, not a confirmed feature, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Hitman 3 will be released January 20, 2021. It'll also be an Epic Store exclusive: direct any complaints to the Partners.

Rich Stanton

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