Hatoful Boyfriend is getting a sequel

Hatoful Boyfriend

XCOM 2? Fallout 4? Maybe you think that's more than enough long-awaited sequel announcements for one week. I think we can squeeze another in, though, so here's Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star.

It's the sequel to the thoroughly fowl Hatoful Boyfriend—the pigeon dating sim that actually existed and wasn't just a weird dream you had after a particularly lavish Langres cheese bender.

"Hatoful Boyfriend fans will travel to fantastically styled worlds," enthuses the press release, "meet interesting new chickadees, find romance in elegantly designed winter wonderlands and a new mysterious watercolor world."

Despite the new locations, you'll still be catching up with some old friends and discovering side-stories and distractions along the way. Also, looking at the fact sheet, I see this line: "It’s not a Hatoful Boyfriend game without a bit of the bizarre like anime inspired magical girl transformations for all your favourite pigeon boyfriends" So, you know, there's that.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star is due out in the autumn.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star has been available in translated form since 2012. The autumn release is for Devolver Digital and Mediatonic's re-mastered edition.


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