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Grounded now has ziplines

(Image credit: Obsidian)

When you're thumb-sized in an overgrown backyard, travel is pretty slow. Obsidian's suburban survival game Grounded has a new answer for that conundrum: ziplines. As of today, the game's 0.3.0 update adds these endlessly helpful (and fun) traversal tools to the game. You'll find them in the newly revamped Hedge area of the map, but it's also possible to craft them yourself.

As for the Hedge revamp, there's now a hidden lab there which can be reached using ziplines. The hallways in this lab are "not-so-abandoned", which is probably code for: there are giant bugs in it that will kill you.

In order to craft ziplines you'll need the new Spinning Wheel. In the update blog, it's hinted that you're probably going to need spider web to craft these ziplines, so uh, good luck with that.

Also keep an eye out for new signs, a new landmark in the form of the Frankenline, as well as Halloween stuff like a Jack-o-Lantern landmark and a new Candy Corn food  item. The full changelog is here, and the tweaks and fixes are numerous, or you could watch the devblog video below:

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