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Get 50 eclectic games for $20 in the Hurricane Relief Bundle

Game developers and players continue to find ways to raise money for people affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and just after I wrote about Final Fantasy XIV players and their sponsored march across Eorzea, I spotted the Hurricane Relief Bundle on

The Hurricane Relief Bundle collects 50 games and other assorted goodies from 37 developers, put together by IGF finalist Loren Schmidt. It’s an incredibly eclectic selection of curiosities, experiments, IGF winners and secret gems. 

Donate $20 and you’ll get the likes of 50 Short Games, Death Ray Manta SE, Tetrageddon Games and Maia. 100% of the profits goes to four different charities.

GlobalGiving Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, Halo Foundation, Partners in Health Haiti and Direct Impact Fund for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma are the charities Schmidt selected, each is providing aid for victims of the hurricanes, particularly in Haiti.

The Hurricane Relief Bundle will run for another day, so if you want to donate and also get some lovely games, then now’s the time to do it. 

Cheers, RPS

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