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Final Fantasy XIV players raise over $21k for hurricane victims

After hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the US, Final Fantasy XIV players mobilised to raise money for Direct Relief, a humanitarian charity focused on providing medical assistance to the vulnerable, including victims of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. The community managed to raise over $21,000. 

The original goal was $1,000, and to reach it players were encouraged to create a Lalafell character and march across Eorzea. Think of it like a sponsored walk, but with diminutive adventurers hoofing across a fantastical world. A 12-hour livestream was set up and, according to a post on Reddit, the goal was achieved almost straight away. And soon the second goal of $5,000 was reached as well.

Check out some screenshots of the march here.

Games Done Quick also hosted an event to raise money for victims of hurricane Harvey, Harvey Relief Done Quick. They managed to get donations amounting to $227,876.53 by the end, which went to the Houston Food Bank. 

Cheers, PCGamesN.

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