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GamesMaster presents The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft

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For years, Minecraft has been a feature of the PC gaming landscape. It feels like an institution now; a well-worn playground of wonder and delight. And yet, it's still being kept fresh with regular updates and a constantly expanding community. In light of this, our friends at GamesMaster have collected some of the best tips, guides and features into a 146-page celebration of the game, its creations, and the people who make them.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • First steps: a beginner's guide to getting started

  • Know your biome: a run-down of the game's environments, from the regular to the rare

  • Advanced skills: from Nether survival to mob farm creation, here's how to get ahead

  • Developer access: Notch explains the making of Minecraft

  • Expand your game: the best mods, maps and custom skins

  • Beyond the game: read interviews with the Yogscast family, and tackle GM's custom challenges

GamesMaster presents The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft is out now. For £9.99 you can order a physical copy through My Favourite Magazines , download it to your iPad/iPhone through Apple Newsstand , or grab a physical copy in your local magazine stockist.


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