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From Software announces Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, watch the debut trailer

From Software just debuted a trailer for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, their new third-person samurai fantasy action game. The trailer shows off quite a bit, including a ton of combat. It appears to play similarly to Dark Souls in that it's melee-based and you can lock on to enemies, but the story seems to be a much bigger focus this time around. We don't typically see as many characters and VO at once in Souls games, so I'm curious to see how (if) From goes all in on narrative this time around. 

While we don't know story details quite yet, you as an undead-ish man who wakes up with a prosthetic arm. While fighting a host of spooky, gross, and traditional Japanese characters, we also get a look at the grappling hook, a new method of traversal for Souls-y games (though maybe I'm getting ahead of myself by calling it a Souls game already). 

The trailer ends with a big release window: 2019. I, for one, and glad to see an original From Software game rather than a sequel. How about the rest of you? 

James Davenport
James is PC Gamer’s bad boy, staying up late to cover Fortnite while cooking up radical ideas for the weekly livestream. He can still kickflip and swears a lot. You’ll find him somewhere in the west growing mushrooms and playing Dark Souls.