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Fortnite Season 11: Release date, battle pass, map changes, and everything else we know

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's new phase has arrived! The entire game was sucked into a black hole for a few days, only to re-emerge in a new form.

All throughout Season 10, we've seen weird rift zones pop up across the map, rewriting the rules of reality, and thus the rules of combat. That mysterious Visitor guy from Season 4 has also been tooling around, and if the rumors are to be believed, Season 11 might be the biggest change Fortnite has ever experienced. Let's dive into everything we know about Fortnite Season 11.

UPDATE - October 15

Chapter 2 is here, bringing with it a whole new map and plenty to discover. We'll update shortly as new features are uncovered. We've already spotted a bunch of new skins that arrived with the latest update. Here's the trailer announcing the start of Chapter 2. Also be sure to check out the whole-new Fortnite map.

UPDATE - October 13

Fortnite's Season X in-game event just ended with the map getting sucked into a big singularity beneath Loot Lake. Player's weren't dumped back into the game directly after, though, instead greeted with a mysterious video depicting a black celestial object against an equally inky sky. Every Fortnite social media channel and even the official website are showing the same image. 

Something big is coming, but we don't know when. When it comes to when will Fortnite be back up, we don't know that either. Expect the leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 to arrive imminently. In the meantime, keep your eyes locked on the stream, embedded below. And play the Fortnite black hole minigame, if you have the code.

When does Fortnite Season 11 start?

According to an update from Epic, Season 10 is getting an extension. Originally, we thought it'd end on October 6, but with the announcement of Overtime challenges, you can expect Season 10 to end on October 13. That most likely means that Season 11 will start on the 13th, or very shortly thereafter, depending on how the season-switching event goes.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Season 11 will have skill-based matchmaking and bots

Epic has announced that matchmaking changes will come to its "core modes" with the 10.40 update. Players will now be matched by skill. There aren't any specifics on exactly how this system will work yet, or how exactly skill will be measured, but "you will be more likely to match with players of similar skill, and as you get better, so should your opponents," Epic says.

The other big change coming alongside skill-based matchmaking are the addition of bots. It sounds like these new NPC opponents will show up more frequently in lower-skill matches.

"They will behave similarly to normal players and will help provide a better path for players to grow in skill," Epic said. "Bots will work in conjunction with the new matchmaking system, and as your skill improves, you’ll face fewer bots. Bots will not be present in Competitive playlists."

It might not be called Season 11

An alleged leak on Apple's App Store revealed artwork for Fortnite Chapter 2, in which we can see a brand new map and some boats zipping upriver. Scale seems to be the thing in the image, with a few characters looking out over a vast expanse, an expanse that gives the impression of a much bigger map than before. 

Fortnite Season 11 battle pass cost

History tells us that the Fortnite Season 11 battle pass will cost 950 V-Bucks, and that the boosted version that automatically pushes you up 25 tiers will cost you 2,800 V-Bucks.

The smallest pack of V-Bucks you can buy in the Fortnite shop is 1,000 V-Bucks for $9.99 USD. If you want to get the boosted battle pass, you'll probably have to purchase the 2,800 V-Buck pack. We expect that there will be some sort of small sale on V-Bucks, like previous seasons, where players can buy 2,500 worth of V-Bucks and then receive 300 for free. It's a small discount, but it ain't nothing.

Fortnite Season 11

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 11 map changes and event

It’s been a heck of a time for Fortnite Season 11 rumors, and we’re finally starting to see some fairly significant evidence of changes on the map. All of these changes seem to strengthen the theory that the Visitor is continuing to play a big role in what the Season 11 map will look like.

Update October 7

Like last season, a timer has appeared in the sky over the rocket at Dusty Depot. Judging from the timer, we can expect something (we assume the rocket blasting off?) on October 13 at approximately 11a.m. PT. This is when "The End" starts.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

This is the first time an event like this has been held on a Sunday, rather than a Thursday. Historically, an event happens on a Thursday, and then the map is updated one week later to reflect that event's impact.

The usual group of data miners have continued to dig up some clues regarding season 10's final event. Twitter user HappyPower managed to find some audio of a rocket launch warning, and it sounds an awful lot like the same sounds we heard from the rocket back in season 4, when these seasonal events first started.

Update October 1

Fortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi is hard at work doing their thing. Most recently, Yoshi has found a file that appears to contain a dialogue script that will precede the season 11 event. Take a look for yourself.

(Image credit: Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter)

With the caveat that that script probably isn't in order, it seems like we'll get another timer in the sky, much like before season 10's event. It seems the Visitor, the Scientist, and perhaps a number of their friends will finally enact something that fixes all the temporal rifts littered around the map, and we'll finally see that sweeping change that's long been rumored.

Possibly unrelated, but data miner FortTory has noticed a couple things as well. Someone is building something at a soccer field on the map, using some lumber that had previously been laying on a truck bed. It's not like anything we've seen from the Visitor. He's typically made his contraptions out of metal, so maybe it's not related to any of season 10's mysterious happenings, but we'll see.

(Image credit: FortTory on Twitter)

Update - September 24

Remember that huge list of location names that data miners found? Well, at the time, it gave us all plenty of reason to speculate that Epic might be dramatically overhauling the entire map, and not just one corner of it.

It turns out we may be on the right track with our thinking. Another leaked loading screen shows the Fortnite cast waving goodbye to the battle bus. Here's the image courtesy of data miner @ShiinaBR on Twitter.

(Image credit: Epic Games/ShiinaBR)

That image there is appropriately titled "Last stop, Thank you, Bus driver!" So what do you think? I'd imagine that the battle bus (or maybe it's "driver") could be part of the next season-switching event. Maybe the Visitor and his hulked out friend the Scientist will have something to do with it. Time will tell.

Fortnite Season 11

(Image credit: FortTory)

You’ll remember that Fortnite’s first major event included a rocket flying around the map, all the way back in season 4. It’s possible that another rocket event is on the way, and that the Visitor is hoping to reenact those events for... reasons.

On top of that, dataminers also managed to find a list of not one, not two, but 12 new points of interest. Normally, every season adds two or three, often replacing old POI’s, but this would absolutely be a huge change if all of these were implemented, even over time like Season 10 is experiencing. There’s always a chance it’s a red herring, of course.

The Visitor has also been joined by a new friend, the Scientist. He bears a striking resemblance to the Visitor, what with the LED mask and futuristic combat suit. He’s also got a huge blade on his left arm, which doesn’t appear to be for the kind of science I’m used to. He’s part of the limited-time Meteoric Rise challenge and part of the Visitor set, appropriately enough.

(Image credit: Epic GAmes)

So the Visitor has a new friend, and he’s also been hard at work on the various rifts around the map. Time (if time still has meaning) will tell us how this all ends.

Previous updates:

Through it all, we've had reason to believe the Visitor (yes, the time traveling dude from Season 4) is up to something. In the Season 10 trailer, we can see the time capsule that the Visitor originally came to our time in. That capsule is still stuck in the meteor above Dusty Depot, but it's been opened.

Thanks to the efforts of Fortnite data miners like FortTory, we can see that the Visitor hasn't been slacking. He's evidently searching for rocket bits from the bodies of B.R.U.T.E. mechs.

Previously, we knew that the Visitor had set up shop at Dusty Depot and built not one, but two rift beacon relays. One was sitting inside a Dusty Depot warehouse, and the other was sitting just outside on a truck bed. Both of those bad boys are gone now, and have been relocated. One now sits in a town in the desert biome (you can spot it from pretty far away thanks to the, you know, giant light beam), and the other is in the ice biome.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It's possible that the Visitor is trying to protect the island from the meteor by futzing around with more temporal/time travel...stuff. Time will tell.

If you'll allow me to get my little tinfoil hat on here, it's also possible that Season 11 will play with some sort of theme of the corruption of time. Like...dark, nasty corruption. Take a look at this Dark Reflections pack image.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It also comes with the text: “Did the Cube ever corrupt, or was the darkness always there? Let your dark side take control while wearing the Dark Reflections pack!”

Marketing gimmick or legit teaser? You tell me in the comments.

We'll let you know more about Season 11's biggest changes as soon as we can, so make sure to check back later.

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