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Firefall open beta launched, live-action trailer proves unusual way to celebrate

Firefall's open beta has now launched. You can go and play it right now. Or you can stay, and watch the live-action trailer released by Red 5 Studios to mark the expansion of their MMOFPS. I'm not saying you'll enjoy it - it's really quite bad - but if you've an appreciation for cheese, you will find an almost sickening amount of it below.

Dig your way through this cheddar injection:

More than most free-to-play games, Firefall seems to be genuinely going down the unfinished open beta route - not the increasingly standard soft launch stress-test. "Firefall is still a work in progress and Red 5 Studios is a company that prides itself in our iterative process," the developers write . "That means that you may experience things in game that are incomplete or not working. We would rather ship a product to you, our players, and gather feedback on that feature earlier rather than later to make sure we're on the right track and that we are making a game that you'll love."

For a more representative look, here's the previous trailer for "Blackwater Anomaly" - the first piece of story content for the game, introduced in this open beta update.

More hammy than cheesy, that one. You could make a fine meal between the two of them.

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