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Far Cry Primal trailer reveals "Legend of the Mammoth" gameplay

Far Cry Primal

The “Legend of the Mammoth” preorder bonus for Far Cry Primal is a series of three missions in which you drink the shaman's concoction, get super-duper high, and then become an “almighty mammoth”—within the confines of your primitive, drug-addled mind, I'm assuming—and stomp your enemies into paste. It was actually announced last October, but today we finally get to have a look at it.

Legend of the Mammoth includes three missions, called Duel of Beasts, Hunt the Hunters, and The Trapped Elder. None of them appear to be especially subtle in terms of gameplay, which I suppose isn't surprising given that they're all played from the perspective of a furry mega-elephant with anger issues. You will stomp, you will gore, you will occasional trumpet to remind everyone nearby of your awesome presence, and you will ultimately go extinct during the Holocene epoch, about ten thousand years ago, give or take a millennium or two. Sorry guys, you had the big bodies but we've got the big brains.

It looks pretty much like a prehistoric take on FPS levels that put players inside of tanks or power armor so they can romp through hordes of enemies with little or no regard for survival or ammunition. They're fun, but generally best enjoyed in small doses, and it sounds like the Legend of the Mammoth missions were built with that in mind: According to Gamespot's description of the Far Cry Primal collector's edition, which includes the Mammoth missions along with various other digital extras, they'll offer “up to 45 minutes of additional gameplay.”

Far Cry Primal will be out on March 1.

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