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Explore a surreal underworld in free sci-fi adventure Remnants

(Image credit: June Flower)

Now I know where all the colours went during the Unreal Engine 3 era. They were pinched, and stored in the subterranean facility you find yourself exploring during Remnants. How else to explain the vibrant, possibly even forbidden colour palette of this gorgeous top-down adventure game?

Remnants, made in RPG Maker—wait a minute, don't close the tab—stands apart from its peers thanks to its promise that "every room in the game is drawn from the ground up, pixel by pixel." Ah, so that's why each room looks so good, so cluttered and bespoke. It's because each room is given time and care, crammed with detail and items to examine. They're even given unique names, Jet Set Willy-style.

There is also no combat. Instead, there are items to pick up and find a use for, adventure game-style, as you explore each level of this strange facility. Horror meets science fiction in this stark zone of weird imagery. You see the remnants of a world gone before, as you delve deeper, and deeper underground. (Thanks, Warp Door.)

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