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Evolve DLC brings new Hunters and a monster

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Currently, on Steam, Evolve is placing just under Empire: Total War in the league table of number of people playing it right now. More than twice as many people are playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, a game that is not a multiplayer shooter that requires populated servers to function. That said, more Steam users are currently playing Evolve than are playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer.

I don't know what any of that signifies in real terms, but it seems Not Good for a big AAA shooter that came out less than two months ago. Maybe this new DLC will prove a shot in the arm to its flagging playerbase? I half-suspect the DLC—and the way it's been messaged and marketed—was always part of the problem.

Here's a trailer of the new Behemoth monster and the four Hunters that will be available from today.

It pans out like this. If you bought the Evolve Season Pass, you get access to the four hunters but not the monster. If you bought the Evolve "PC Monster Race" edition, you'll get the Hunters and the monster. If you own none of the above, you can the Behemoth for £11/$15 and each new Hunter for £5.29/$7.49.

Two free maps will be added via a patch, but not until they've undergone a period of Xbox exclusivity. PC owners will get access to them on April 30.

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