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Eldritch gets free Asylum expansion to celebrate H.P. Lovecraft's birthday

H.P. Lovecraft isn't quite alive enough to enjoy his birthday anymore, so Eldritch developers Minor Key Games have taken it upon themselves to bake him a cake, then toss it into their procedurally generated dungeon. By this I mean they've added some H.P. Lovecrafty stuff to their roguey, stealthy dungeon crawler Eldritch, and they've done so free of charge. The Asylum expansion is the biggest New Thing, but you can also expect trading cards, achievements, leaderboards and more should you decide to load up the game.

The 'Happy Birthday, Lovecraft!' update makes the following changes to the game:

  • Added Asylum expansion
  • Added Steam trading cards
  • Added Steam achievements
  • Added Steam leaderboards
  • Fixed Steam screenshots in OpenGL
  • Fixed Mac savegame crashes
  • Improved voxel lighting
  • Improved audio occlusion
  • Improved display of keys/buttons
  • Improved display of FOV

It's not entirely clear what the Asylum expansion entails, but if it's anything like the previous free DLC, Mountains of Madness, we can expect a new dungeon, along with new enemies and items and all that jazz. It's wonderful that Minor Key are still releasing free content for Eldritch, even as they work on their next [Update] game s : You Have to Win the Game sequel Super Win the Game , and Neon Struct, a "political thriller stealth game" that looks pretty damned intriguing .

Let's all watch Eldritch's reveal trailer again, because it always brings a smile to my face.