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EK offers a full refund for irate EK-loop Connect software users

EK loop connect hub
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The widely criticised EK loop Connect software hasn't had the best run, so far. It's buggy, to say the least. So, by way of apology, EK has extended a welcome gesture of a full refund, in an attempt to make amends for leaving their customers hanging for so long without working software.

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The EK Loop Connect is marketed as "a powerful, straightforward information and control hub for all the relevant parameters in your liquid-cooled PC." But the software that accompanies this liquid loop hub hasn't managed to quite live up to the standards EK promised. 

Rumors of an update have been batted around for a while, with customers being told periodically that an update was only "weeks away". But a press release on December 4 notes that fully working software should arrive "in the following three months." And, although there's still no sign of an exact ETA for when the software will drop, EK has begun offering the option of a full refund for disappointed customers:

"If you have purchased the EK-Loop Connect through any of our reseller partners, please contact the retail store directly and ask for a refund in the full value of your EK-Loop Connect controller." 

What's more, "Customers who have placed an order for an EK-Loop Connect as a single item at any of our retailers can ask for a full refund in the value of the item and its shipping cost."

Complaints about the seriously lacking controller software are plastered across the net, succinctly summarised in this reddit post by cdawg_extreme:

EK Loop Connect software broken from r/EKWB

Yep, that post was written 9 months ago. You may notice that the comments are riddled with users' concerns about being unable to properly manage their liquid cooling setup. With issues of this magnitude going on for so long, this gesture is really the least EK could do.

EK mentions this was a "first venture into software solutions," but recognises this "is not a valid excuse for customers being left disappointed." The press release attests to the fact EK is listening, and trying to make things right, but we'll just have to wait and see if this update is worth the wait.

Whether it will rectify the potential damage to people's setups, and hearts, is another matter entirely.

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