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Devil May Cry HD now available for Twitch Prime subscribers, framerate bugs for some players

Ahead of next week's release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection—a reboot of the original three DMC games—Twitch Prime subscribers can now play Devil May Cry 1 HD before everyone else for free, although some players are reporting bizarre framerate bugs.

Twitch Prime is the subscription service that comes bundled with Amazon Prime (if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, click here to link your two accounts). Subscribers were initially meant to get access to Devil May Cry 1 HD in February, but the release was pushed back due to "unforeseen technical circumstances".

Unfortunately, now that it's here players are reporting that the port has a fair few issues, the main one being that it appears to link the speed of the game to the framerate it's running at for some players. You can see Dante hopping about faster than a caffeinated bunny rabbit in the video below, which one player uploaded to Twitter.

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Other players are saying the same thing in this Reddit thread. It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone, and people that are experiencing it are doing so intermittently. Still, it's a shame, and something that needs to be fixed before the full collection comes out.

The game is also not supporting resolutions above 1080p, according to users in this Resetera thread. That's despite a Capcom official previously stating that the collection will support 4K resolutions.

The full collection, which brings DMC 1 and 2 to PC for the first time (the third came to PC in 2006), is out on March 13. If you're a Twitch Prime subscriber you can play the first part for free by heading to the game's Twitch page, claiming your offer and installing the Twitch Desktop app. It's the same version of the game that's going into the collection.

Alongside free games, Twitch Prime subscribers get ad-free viewing, discounts on games sold through Amazon, in-game loot (like Fortnite cosmetics), and emotes for Twitch chat. 

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