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Crackdown 3 can be finished in less than three hours if you're in a hurry

Crackdown 3’s explosive sandbox can be blasted through, if you’re in a hurry, in less than three hours, developer Sumo Digital has said. Two-and-a-half, to be precise. Trash a city for a couple of hours and you’re done. 

With all the collectibles, secrets and ancillary stuff, the game is obviously too big to be fully completed in less than three hours, and a typical playthrough will take about 12-16 hours.

If you start a game with an agent from a previous save, however, you should be able to rush to the big, bad Kingpin, take him out and then watch the credits roll. "That's what we're doing internally," Sumo Digital told PCGamesN, "and we can guarantee that's what other people will do as well." 

Even 12-16 hours seems short for an open-world romp, not that this is a complaint. With more and more open-world games launching, it’s become impossible to really put the time in when most of them are around 30-50 hours long.

Crackdown 3 is due out on November 7.

Fraser Brown
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