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Co-op Western top-down shooter A Fistful of Gun out next month

A Fistful of Gun

A Fistful of Gun features 9-player co-op, and so it's a good job it works online too. It's hard to maintain that cool, just-rode-into-town Western hero feeling when eight other people are elbowing you to get at their controls.

Originally a free prototype—still available as a download from developer Farmergnome's site—A Fistful of Gun is now a full game being released by Devolver Digital on September 24. Each of its heroes features a slightly different control scheme, which you'll manipulate with the aim of destroying levels full of bandits. It's a classic top-down shooter: there are power-ups, different characters, different weapons, and up to nine people ramping up the carnage.

Here's a trailer:

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