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Cheap gaming TV deals UK - July 2019

Cheap gaming TV deals UK
Cheap gaming TV deals UK

The summer is here, but you’re still on the lookout for cheap gaming TV deals. Maybe the timing wasn’t right over Prime Day, or you couldn’t get a model in the right size or with the right features. Sometimes it’s better to play the long game. After all, this is PC Gamer, so chances are you prioritise getting the best gaming monitor over the best 4K TV for gaming.

Still, sometimes you just want to kick back and watch some Cable or Netflix on a big screen, so let’s keep an eye out for that TV upgrade. We’re still incredibly into OLEDs, particularly LG’s, so that’s at the top of our shopping list, but there are lots of great models from different brands with all the features you want in a gaming TV: true blacks, low latency, and high brightness. Oh, and lest we forget, as many HDMI ports as they can muster.

Whether you’re looking to go bigger, or make the jump to 4K and/or HDR, we’ve been keeping an eye on how TV sales have progressed during the summer months to see what the best cheap gaming TV deals are for you right now.

Cheap gaming TV deals - best prices

Samsung 55" QLED 4K TV | Q6FN | £829
Pretty much the cheapest premium TV you can buy in the UK. While it's 2018's model, the Q6 is a great budget route into QLED colour and performance. Well worth dropping £800 on.View Deal

LG 65" OLED 4K TV | C8PLA | £1,588
If you're looking for deep blacks and superior image quality, OLED is the way to go. This TV has a small discount at Amazon, and is over £1000 cheaper than the 2019 model.View Deal

Samsung 55" 4K TV | NU8000 | £799 (free soundbar)
This is the best of the non-QLED sets from Samsung, and is well set-up for gaming with a decent 'Game mode' and superb HDR and picture clarity. This one comes with a free soundbar right now.View Deal

Sony Bravia 55" 4K TV | KD55X | £799 (save £200)
A great saving on a great set. The Sony TVs have powerful processors, which make them great for upscaling and creating better pictures on standard 4K pictures.View Deal

Cheap gaming TVs under £500

Samsung 43" 4K TV | NU7020 | £349 (save £100)
Not the biggest TV, nor the flashiest, but the Samsung budget panels are excellent, and this one has £100 off right now. A solid TV that'll serve you well.View Deal

LG 43" 4K TV | 6300PLB | £294 (save 51%)
Ok, you'd never pay £500 for this TV, so that saving of 51% is madness. But for just less than £300 this is an excellent smart TV, with a decent picture and smart LG user interface.View Deal

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