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Cyber Monday 2019 graphics card deal: save £45 on a powerful GTX 1660 Ti

(Image credit: Asus)

This year Nvidia wisely released a series of graphics cards that run modern games beautifully without the burden of additional ray tracing tech that few games really use. These cards are no-nonsense, no-frills powerhouses designed to get your games running at a smooth, high FPS, especially on a 1080p monitor.

We gave this card a score of 88 in our GTX 1660 Ti review. As Jarred wrote: "Real-time ray tracing might sound cool, but if it tanks performance, we're just fine without it. And so, half a year after unveiling its Turing architecture, Nvidia is rolling out the mainstream options, minus the ray tracing and deep learning. It's everything the gamers wanted from Turing, with none of the extra bloat. Say hello to the GTX 1660 Ti."

That makes this card a tempting prospect at a discounted price. Ebuyer has knocked £45 off the card for Cyber Monday. The GPU has 6GB of DDR6 memory onboard, boost clock of 1845MHz, and dual fan cooling. I don't have one myself, but reading around reviews, purchasers have found this to be a strong card that's also quiet. 

Asus GTX 1660 Ti 6GB | £234.99 (save £45)
A terrific alternative to a pricey RTX card, this will run games beautifully on a 1080p setup. View Deal

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