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Bioshock Infinite pre-orders unlock Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution puzzle game

Bioshock Infinite pre-orders are live. We've already had a peak at some of the bits and pieces that'll come inside the $150 Ultimate Songbird Edition , but there's more in store for early birds. Pre-orders come with a bonus puzzle game called Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution which can be completed to earn in-game upgrades when Infinite is released on February 26 next year.

The game was made by the creators of Cogs , Lazy 8, and features 60 puzzles to frown at. Out-thinking the machine will grant you exclusive gear items: "Handyman Nemesis, Sugar Rush, and Fleet Feet" as well as bonus in-game cash, some background on Columbia's warring factions, and a "Facebook pack" that "pledges your allegiance" for one side or the other publicly. Will you join stompy, top-hatted blue man or wrench-menacing red man? You'll get access to Industrial Revolution by pre-ordering through this page .

Find out more about Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution in this Q&A on the Irrational forums . Here are a few shots of the puzzle game, balanced atop a few new screenshots of Bioshock Infinite, which re-emerged from the clouds over the weekend with the release of a shiny new trailer .

Tom Senior
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