BioShock Infinite reminds us it exists with Beasts of America trailer

It's tempting to fear the worst for BioShock Infinite, with more and more Irrational Games staff members jumping ship each time we check in on it, but thankfully there are enough of them left to have concocted this exciting new trailer , which shows off tons of skyhooking, crow-spouting, flaming hands action, set to a soulful, and surprisingly wub-free song. Despite the departures, the game is still on track for its February 26th release, though the trailer neglects to state which dimensions it will be released in. We've contacted regular, evil and mecha Ken Levines for clarification.

The trailer, below, also shows off some of the pre-order goodies, which we explored in explicit detail a couple of days ago. What it doesn't show off is the Flash-based puzzle game, Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, which will be made exclusive to retail pre-orders. As IGN elaborate , the digital puzzler will let you "experience over 50 levels of digital puzzle mayhem", and "earn in-game items for BioShock Infinite". And (at least for the time being) it's exclusive to one shop. How annoying!

Update: We previously remarked that the pre-order bonus was specific to GameStop. It's actually available through all retail pre-orders.

Tom Sykes

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