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Beat Black Friday and save 34% with these gaming monitor deals at Amazon UK

Beat Black Friday and save 34% with these gaming monitor deals at Amazon UK
(Image credit: ASUS)

Great news for UK PC owners who need to upgrade their display, or displays: a whole host of gaming monitors are on offer at Amazon UK, saving you up to 34% on the retail price of some models. There are a variety of panels going, covering all the bases in terms of resolutions, panel types, quality, and of course price. Most are from reputable manufacturers too, like ASUS and MSI. As early Black Friday monitor deals go, these are rather good, and to get you going we've picked out a few below.

The ASUS VG248QE is down to its second lowest price ever (via Amazon) at £164.95, only a few quid off its historic low. This features on our best gaming monitors guide and we think its one of the top models for 1080p gaming - and at this price, saving you 79 quid, it's an absolute steal. A nifty little monitor at 24-inches, it's TN panel will give you competitive speeds of 144Hz refresh and 1ms response, which is more than enough for most players.

ASUS's ROG Strix XG32VQ curved gaming monitor is a great option for those who prefer an immersion-increasing curvaceous monitor. This is also down to its second lowest ever price at Amazon UK, going for £438.95 and saving you 20 percent off its retail price. This curved VA panel has a fine 1440p resolution and very decent speeds of a 144Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response time.

The selection is a little light on G-Sync models but this MSI Optix MAG241CR curved model is down to a very respectable price of £199 and is G-Sync compatible. At this price, you won't break the bank for a monitor that will boost your display and offer you 144Hz refresh and a 1ms response time on a solid 1080p VA panel.

ASUS VG248QE gaming monitor | 24-inch TN | 1080p | 144Hz & 1ms | £164.95 at Amazon UK (save £79.04)
A terrific little monitor that's great for speedy play at 1080p. A steal at this price and who knows if it'll go lower during Black Friday. View Deal

ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ curved gaming monitor | 32-inch VA | 1800R & 1440p | 144Hz & 4ms | £438.95 at Amazon UK (save £111.04)
A really lovely curved panel that offers a fine balance between speed and picture quality at the sweet spot resolution of 1440p.View Deal

MSI Optix MAG241CR curved gaming monitor | 24-inch VA | 1500R & 1080p | 144Hz & 1ms | £199 at Amazon UK (save £70)
A great cheap curved gaming monitor that is also G-Sync compatible to give you that extra smoothness. View Deal

Who's to say if we'll see much lower prices during the Black Friday video game deals that will kick off in earnest next week, but these are super prices in their own right so we'd recommend going for it if you're in the market for a new panel.

Elsewhere, you'll want to ensure you have the best machine to team with screen so check out our guide to the best gaming PC options in 2019.