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A Golden Wake gets a demo, ahead of release next week

A Golden Wake

I'm not sure I like the idea of a literal golden wake—it seems awfully unfair on the pall bearers, making them carry a golden coffin all to the way to the golden grave. I very much like the idea of Grundislav Games' A Golden Wake though, a point and click adventure recalling Hammett and Chandler, and other things set in the time of gangsters, doublespeak and big hats. The full game's out next week, on October 9th, but here's a demo to whet you over, along with a fantastic new trailer.

Phil covered the announcement a few months ago, but here's a snippet from the original press release as a reminder. "A Golden Wake is a nostalgic adventure that spans two dramatic decades in American history. Set in the era of Gatsby with a plot that includes real people, locations, and events, A Golden Wake has story- and puzzle-driven gameplay, retro-styled pixel art, and a point-and-click interface reminiscent of classics like King's Quest and Monkey Island." If they pull all that off, I'm going to be a very happy pointer-and-clicker indeed.

The demo's available on Steam or from publisher Wadjet Eye's site, for PC, Mac and Linux. This recent trailer, below, is a real treat.