Ubisoft Forward returns next week with a 'full reveal' of the renamed Gods and Monsters

We learned yesterday, courtesy of the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee, that Ubisoft's mythical action-adventure Gods and Monsters had probably been renamed to Immortals Fenyx Rising. Today that rechristening was made official, as Ubisoft announced the lineup of games that will appear in next week's Ubisoft Forward online event.

The event will include information on Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Siege, Hyper Scape, and "a much-anticipated update on our new IP, Immortals Fenyx Rising, formerly known as Gods & Monsters." The Immortals Fenyx Rising Twitter account was more definitive about it, promising a "full reveal" of the game.

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Ubisoft Forward is set to take place on September 10 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET, although there will be a "pre-show" beginning one hour earlier that will feature a Brawhalla matchup between the Ubi news team and Blue Mammoth, as well as updates from the studios responsible for Roller Champions, For Honor, The Division 2, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

I don't really understand how updates on some fairly major Ubisoft games don't qualify as actual show content, but if you're interested in any or all of them you'll probably want to tune in early. The worldwide schedule for the main event is below.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
Andy Chalk

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